Hey all, I received my Sample Society Box in the mail on Tuesday!


So… after unboxing it (Will be uploading that to youtube soon- will update with a link ;)) I’m not sure how I’m feeling about it for the $15 price mark? Last month the only things I LOVED were the Bobbi Brown mascara & the Estee Lauder enlighten creme. Last month I only spent $10 on the box and I don’t believe it was worth it- remember those are sample sized items.

On to this month…


Seriously… I love the box.



This box was $15

So the contents in the box are: Just remember ALL SAMPLE SIZED (it is “sample” society)

Reveal by Calvin Klein Fragrance- This has a nice woodsy scent. I’m not a huge fragrance person but I will def use this one! I think it would be comparable to twilight woods from bath and body works.

Malin + Goetz Body Wash- This was the “spoiler” for the month of November- Eek! Maybe that gave it away that it would be a dud? a sample size is probably equal to $1 or $2… Nonetheless, I will use it and I enjoy the scent it’s very fresh & clean.

Lorac Mascara- I really love Lorac products so I’m excited to try this mascara.- & guess what? You can never have enough mascaras I love trying new formulas. The full size is $20… So possibly this is half? If I can convince myself that this is worth $10 then maybe the box isn’t so bad!

Alterna Haircare Hair Oil- I’m bummed about this… It actually states that it’s not recommended for fine hair in the pamphlet (hello greasy hair!) SO… I won’t be using this because my hair is fine! So I’m kind of wishing Sample Society did a survey such as IPSY to get to know their consumers a bit better. Like someone who has fine hair shouldn’t get an oil…

MD Solar Sciences BB Cream- I’m always excited to try a BB Cream… and the color is spot on (again if I was darker or more fair it may not work- so that’s kind of lame) Anyway… I’ll tell you that I’m going to maybe get to use it twice… that’s a MAYBE. There is like nothing in that bottle. I had to squeeze hard just to see the consistency & color (while filming) So that’s super disappointing since it looks like a decent amount but truly isn’t.

Overall… I don’t know if I’d even value this box at $15…. what do you think? Is it? Am I being super harsh. Listen I don’t want to sound like all those people that complain about these boxes and want like 5 full size items for $10… haha I’m not trying to be like that I’m just being honest and I do understand.

xoxo- Jess