Hey everyone!

I received a FULL SIZE  John Frieda Color Refreshing Gloss in Cool Red from Allure for reviewing and testing purposes. I just recently saw this at Target for $11.99!


Now for the review… It is recommended to use this once a week between colorings as it keeps the color fresh. The bottle is good for 6 weeks of use (or 6 uses)… I will probably get more since my hair is pretty short & fine- so that’s a score for me!

IMG_4119 IMG_4121

As you can see it is literally red… & WILL stain your hands (not that long) if you don’t wash your hands right away. I’m assuming the other colors also have this much color and could stain your hands.


I received this a few weeks ago. I have used it once a week for 3 weeks. With it a saw a bit more red in my hair and it’s what it says, it refreshes and makes my hair shine.


Overall, It does what it says. It adds a bit of color and makes your hair shiny and vibrant. It certainly refreshes the color and is perfect to use in between coloring so your color doesn’t get dull! & It’s at a pretty reasonable price!

Have you tried this yet, what do you think? Will you be buying this?

xo- Jess