Hey everyone, although it’s actually turning out to be a lovely day here in Pennsylvania I was really cold this morning! So I opened up my Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa packet(courtesy of Influenster) and made some hot chocolate- WITH MILK. I have to say it was very good. Hot Cocoa usually tastes best made with milk but I’m liking that Simply Cocoa went back to basics and only has 5 key ingredients- although one of these ingredients is “natural flavor”- LOL I’m not sure what that means- but i’m not mad- it was a very good cup of hot cocoa! 


Enjoying my Simply Cocoa while watching the Today Show!

IMG_4445 IMG_4446


He’s too cute… & SPOILED
















Enjoy your day!

xoxo- Jess

P.S- I was given the Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa from Influenster complimentary, for reviewing purposes!