Please go check out my youtube for my initial “Unbaging” of my IPSY.


I just love this pink packer!! – SO CUTE!


Teal… MY favorite color. This month’s theme was Beauty Candy!


So hey everyone I got the long anticipated IPSY bag…

So what did I get? Well first things first. This bag is a monthly subscription. It costs $10 You can sign up HERE! This is a beauty/makeup bag. This is specifically made for you… There are multiple products but they try to curate it to meet your needs, which is pretty cool!

drum roll please….


The items I received were

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream in Mango Mandarin (As I’ve used this a few times it smells kind of like Kool Aid… like Fruit Punch Kool Aid, & it’s not greasy which I like.)

Indie Lee Brightening Facial Cleanser (Cool I’ve been needed a cleanser to try- I used this once so far and it felt okay on my face, it made my face soft… but I wasn’t crazy about the smell… it isn’t necessarily BAD, but also not my favorite.- The good thing is the smell doesn’t linger)

Doll 10 Highlighter in Champagne (I have to be honest I have never used a highlighter and I’m kind of new to the whole highlighter thing. It is pretty as well as smooth. It shimmers nicely. I especially likes how it highlighted my brow. On my face in general it didn’t do much.)

Skone Tattooed Eye Liner in Black (OH MY JESUS… I’m in love. This glides on SOOO nicely. I was able to do my wing so nice! I’m so happy I got this item to try. & it’s full size so I should get a lot of use out of it… This is a SCORE!)

StarLooks Lip Gloss in  Guilty Pleasure (This is a nice pinky color… I’m not head over heels in love with it because it feels a bit sticky on my hand when I went to swatch the color. However, I haven’t tried it on my lips yet.- I REALLY wish I got a lipstick… oh well maybe next month? :D)

Plus a cute little make up bag!

So… I believe my bag was well worth $10 bucks… I will basically use everything and they are good sized items. Also I think I got a good mix of items, I saw a few other peoples bags and I wasn’t impressed, but I guess that’s why they are customized since everyone isn’t the same. That’s what I like about ipsy! 🙂 Now I can’t wait to see what they pick for me in November! You can sign up HERE for your very own IPSY monthly bag… Just a little FYI, you’ll be put on a “wait list” you can easily speed the process up by sharing a few things to social media! 🙂

xo- Jess