I received my Sample Society Box last week! You can check out my actual unboxing on my youtube channel!!


Sample Society Box

So the box is really nice- I actually will be using the box to store items- so that’s a plus! YAY! 🙂 Listen the more you get to know me the more you’ll see how much I like packaging. Boxes- Bags, whatever!



The items I received were:

L’Oreal Shampoo & Conditioner SAMPLES (I actually got 2 Shampoo’s-boo!) I contacted customer service they gave me a $5 credit which I believe was to spend in their store… meh! These probably retail for $1 each at Wal*Mart or Target?

Bobbi Brown Mascara Sample (Full Size is retailed at $28- this is a 10 day sample)

Bond No. 9 New York Sample- I received Chinatown- It was a florally/woodsy/powdery type scent and honestly made me think of my late Grandma. Not that it smelt bad, but I probably won’t wear it, I’m not going for the Grandma smell just yet! (The FULL SIZE item retail for like $190- $270- WHAT??! I’m not spending that much on perfume… sorry! Honestly I’m not a fragrance person)

Emi-Jay Hair Ties Pack of 3 ($6.60) Yeah I have short hair… haha

Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum Sample (1 oz is $62.00 & 1.7 oz is $92.00) I’m not sure the sample will actually let me see a difference in my skin… but overall I like Estee Lauder products… okay?

Alright soo….. this was my first Sample Society Box, I heard some mix reviews but mostly good. OF COURSE this box has gotten a lot of bad reps, blah! alright…. The hair ties I cannot use right now. I may give these to someone because honestly even when my hair is longer, it’s fine so I’m not sure these will even hold in my hair. Whatever I do like giving gifts! 🙂

I would SO have used two CONDITIONERS & have been happy, happy, happy… It takes me forever to use shampoos. haha. I heard a lot of people very disappointed that these were included in the first place… idk I like L’Oreal products in general but this box is supposed to be a La Te Da type deal… & these fall short. As for the $5 credit that expires within a few weeks… I probably will not use it but really it was only the conditioner I’d be really TICKED if it were missing the estee lauder or bobbi brown- so no biggie.

The Bond No. 9… I will not be using. I sprayed it on me and I couldn’t stand the smell of myself all day. Because yes it smelled like a Grandma which was OK but it was so strong! Remember this is just my opinion… & also remember I’m not into fragrances. I just feel like this scent is NOT for me. If I do wear fragrance, I like it to be subtle.

Now for the two items I loved that I got! Estee Lauder- I’m always excited to try their products. I’m not sure it’s a product for me specifically I don’t really have “dark spots.” Maybe it’ll help my dark circles that’d be a plus! Anyway I was really excited and I did try it a few times from having it. I haven’t seen much of anything different and it’s scented- It’s not a bad scent but I do like steering clear of fragrance items in general but ESPECIALLY on my face. My face just doesn’t like it, unless it’s something all natural. My #1 is the Bobbi Brown Mascara… I am always willing to try out a mascara. I love it!! I haven’t ever spent $28 on a mascara, but maybe someday!

So… it was my first box I spent $10 (I got $5 off for joining.) Was it worth $10… yeah I mean well over but I’m not sure it was worth it for me per say. I am going to see how next months is and then decide. Maybe Sample Society just isn’t for me? OR maybe it was just a dud month, we shall see…

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What do you think about this box?

xo- Jess