Hey everyone! I recently subscribed to the Walmart Beauty Box just in time for the Fall Box!! Their Beauty Box is just $5 (shipping) & it’s seasonal meaning about every three months you get a box!! Hey oh! I was really excited to get it… It took about 2 weeks from after I subscribed for it to arrive at my door!



Let’s see what’s under that tissue paper!!! 🙂


Look at all this awesomeness?


So here’s the breakdown! There were 3 dove sample sized items! A Shampoo & Conditioner (for fine/flat hair- holla at me fine hair sistas!) & a Hair Oil (I’ve never used hair oil before so I’m interested in what that’s all about!)

Next we have a FULL SIZED Clinical Strength deodorant by Secret! Awesome- I love their deodorant.

beautyyboxAlso in the box was a sample sheet of Neutrogena’s Nourishing Long Wear Foundation with multiple colors to see what your perfect match is. These work well for my skin tone but I don’t remember saying what color skin I have…  maybe I did. I guess I got lucky with my tone. Also included was Nikki Minaj’s Pink Friday fragrance- It smells pretty good but I’m not really a perfume girl… BUT I will use this on occasion. The last little sample in this picture is Loreal Pore Vanisher. I think I can get a few days worth out of the packet but I wish there was a little bigger sample because it says it’s noticeable after a month! Oh well I’ll still give it a try! 🙂

beautyboxxThe last two things are my favorites because I love nail polish & lip products! I received a Cover Girl Glowing Nights nail polish sample in Laser Lights which is black. Black polish is okay for me. Especially during Halloween- I’ll use it! Also I put it on my nail to test it out and it looks like you really only need one coat with is amazing! The last thing it a FULL SIZE Loreal Glossy Balm. Eee! I was excited by this it’s a pinky color called Ginger Candy. Although I was hoping for a darker color for Fall this is a really great color for all year round. Also I believe this will look nice over a dark colored lipstick!

Overall I got 9 products… for $5. You get well over what you pay and it’s fun to get surprised! I will use everything so that’s just a double bonus!

If you’re interested in signing up please visit. Beautybox.walmart.com! I believe you can still get this awesome Fall Box!! =)


xo- Jess