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Sample Society December 2014= A+!!

Hi ya it’s been awhile! I got my Sample Society in the mail today!! Woohoo! It’s been pretty disappointing since I signed up so I was really hoping they’d change it up. AND I hope they keep going this way… Continue Reading →


Hi everyone!- Today I GOT TAYLOR’s album 1989… I’m more excited about this than any 27 year old should be… but whatever. I love Tay Tay! It is amazing. Seriously. I love every song. Go Buy it! 🙂   xo-… Continue Reading →

Wedding/Birthday Palooza!

The past two weekends have been super busy!!! But hey- it makes life fun! We were honored to witness two weddings. One Oct 4th & one Oct 11th. They were both beautiful & perfect! We had a blast! I love… Continue Reading →

Labor Day Weekend!

We had a really fun and busy weekend! A few friends from out-of-town were in so we spent a lot of time with friends… & stayed up WAY too late every night! Friday we went down to Heinz Field for… Continue Reading →

Orange is the New Black blurb…

So I gave in to all the buzz & watched my first episode of Orange is the new Black.First of all… I loved it. I’ll be watching!Second of all Pablo Schreiber is in this which I did not know. Dude… Continue Reading →

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