I tried my sinful colors professional nail polish (given completely complimentary from influenster) today! This is my honest review of the nail polish!

First of all I just painted my toe nails which do NOT smudge as easily as my fingers– but I’m trying to keep my fingers clean in case any interviews come up! :)–Orange is probably not a professional standard for nail polish ALTHOUGH maybe it should be! Lol

Anyway, I absolutely love the color! It’s called Anchors Away and it’s a perfect orangey color for summer! It’s almost neon but not quite! (Disclaimer: I was disappointed at first with the color but it’s actually really nice on!) I did have to apply 3 coats for it to look nice and bright!

In conclusion:: I would honestly recommend this brand at $1.99 (retail) it’s affordable and pretty! Thumbs up!!!

On a grading scale I’d give it a B! It is most certainly not the BEST nail polish, but it is affordable, the color is good, and it’s made in the USA- good deal! BUT it takes multiple coats and it is not fast drying be patient letting it dry- as I am NEVER patient.


I will be reviewing Not your Mother’s Beach Babe texturizing shampoo & conditioner next! 🙂