It’s time to finish up my surfs up vox box reviews. I tried a lot of the products last week or over the weekend! 🙂 All of the items were given to me complimentary from Influenster for testing & review purposes.

The first is the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe texturizing Shampoo & Conditioner!

My hair is pretty fine, & is typically pretty straight although I do go over it with a flat iron just to smooth it all out. This picture is before my shower!

These are the products I received to try…
I did as directed and towel dried my hair (I did NOT blow dry or use any other products such as gel or hairspray.)The final product turned out pretty good. It stayed pretty textured/wavy for the remainder of the day which is pretty amazing for my hair as it typically goes flat especially without products. That being said if I choose to buy this I’d probably opt in to buying their spray as well to add some texture and to keep it in longer. I wanted to review only the product to see how it held up. Overall I’d recommend if you’re looking for a beach-y look.

The next product is Hawaiian Tropics after sun lotion. I used it over the weekend after being at the beach all day! I did not burn as I used sunblock before going out in the sun but the lotion felt good on my skin, and smells amazing! It made my skin smooth & kept them moisturized. I even used it after my shower as lotion. I really like the smell. I don’t know if I’d buy it since I have a LOT of regular lotions that I use. I need to try it on my husband when he burns to see if it’d be worth it over regular aloe because it definitely smells better and goes on smooth & not sticky/greasy!

Overall good product for summer.

Lastly, First Aid shot therapy which is a new alternative to taking pills for pain such as headaches (which I used it for.) It’s a berry flavor which wasn’t too terrible BUT there was a lot to swallow and honestly it’s easier to just pop 1 or 2 pills in my mouth and take them also it may be more cost effective as well [to just buy a container of ibuprofen.] I will say it worked rather fast, my headache went away in about 5 minutes.

Overall if you are a weary pill swallower I would recommend as an alternative but honestly I probably won’t purchase for myself. Also it would probably taste better cold, and I’m not sure would it be weird to keep these in your refrigerator? How many should you buy to have in your house? Or maybe it’s just for on the go like a 5 hour energy? Anyway… after that ramble it does work!

I lied, I have to try one last thing from my vox box- The Jamba Juice Smoothie. I did buy one and am planning on making a smoothie this week.

I got the Orangeone-I’m excited to try, although I’ve never had a smoothie fromJamba Juice… do we have those aroundhere- I’m not sure!xo- Jess