We had a really fun and busy weekend! A few friends from out-of-town were in so we spent a lot of time with friends… & stayed up WAY too late every night!


Ready for some Ribs, & The Clarks!

Friday we went down to Heinz Field for the Annual Rib Fest! We sampled some ribs & watched The Clarks!!














Friend selfie!


Friends! <3


The Clarks were awesome per usual!! They played a lot of new songs but also played some classics!


We enjoyed the night out with friends! <3





Saturday & Sunday were spent with more friends!

We went out to a few bars on Saturday in the Lawrenceville area of Pittsburgh which we’ve never done before! It was a nice change of pace, & we tried a few new beers. They served water in mason jars with lemon. I’m not used to anything other than plastic cups! haha. So it was very fancy.

Sunday we were planning to have a fire at our house but it was rainy… boo! We still had friends over and played some trivia & watched HGTV- We’re getting old!

Monday we spent with family and had a little labor day picnic. I made chocolate chip cookies that turned out pretty good! I followed the typical Toll House Cookie recipe BUT I used their new chocolate chips filled with caramel. Very good! I also added some bacon from breakfast to a few… I think I’m going to try more bacon next time I make them! 🙂


Cheers to happy week! George is exhausted!! 😛Gdog