Since I was laid off I’ve had a lot of extra time on my hands. A lot of that time was used to search for another job (no luck so far) another huge chunk was wedding planning, & taking care of my dog! Since the wedding is now over I feel like I have a lot of time to organize & clean up my house but it seems like it will never be back to normal from all the wedding stuff we got or bought! Thus my house & my professional life are both works in progresses! My goal today is to organize my pantry. It’s a small pantry where we keep our extra towels & extras such as toothpaste or sunscreen. Honestly it’s a mess right now and there are probably things that need thrown out! Wish me luck on this adventure!

I was woken up by this boy laying on me! “Get up Mom, let’s go for a walk!” He’s spoiled

It’s been pretty gloomy this week. Thunderstorms off & on. George & I have taken walks throughout the week hoping it wouldn’t rain down on us, and we’ve been really lucky it hasn’t.

Success- no wet feet!

My dog has been struggling with being left alone for the last few months, he gets severe anxiety when he hears us grab our keys or sees me getting ready or putting my purse on. We’ve been working at desensitizing to these things like all the experts say and I’m hoping he’s able to go back to the boy who liked having a little time to snooze alone in the house. Today I needed to run up to the store really fast I knew it’d take me a half hour at most so I left him loose in the house hoping he was as good as he is when we’re home. He sat at the window in his little chair as I pulled out of the drive way. When I came home, there he was still in the window. I don’t think he left the window the whole time I was gone!

xo- Jess