I made my smoothie after I worked out this morning! All you do is scoop some of the frozen smoothie in your blender with 8 oz of juice. It called for Apple juice but the only juice I had was V8 (orange pineapple.) The kit makes two smoothies.  I made the other one and stuck it in the fridge for sometime later this week.
I’ve never had a Jamba Juice smoothie so I can’t compare the taste to an actual Jamba Juice one, but I enjoyed it! It had a good taste, only 140 calories plus I got some added fruit/veggies from using the V8 juice in my smoothie. Also it takes about two seconds to make! So overall I’d give it an A! Retail cost is about $4.00 again I’m not sure how much a smoothie at Jamba costs… BUT you do get 2 out of the bag so $2.00 for a smoothie isn’t too bad plus it has some good stuff in it! 🙂 Not sure how often I’ll buy it but I’d like to try other flavors! I tried Orange Dream Machine- tastes like a Dreamcicle!
Enjoy! Xoxo
***I was given a coupon for a free Jamba Juice at home kit via Influenster for testing and reviewing purposes!***